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Ridiculously ridiculous.
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Merry Christmas, everyone! Turns out that it's been another 3? 4? months since I've last written a journal entry. And, well, it's 'bout time I swipe the dust off this old thing, wouldn't you agree? So, without further ado, I suppose I'll just add a few more pages to the book o' Ploppers.

Okay, so Christmas is awesome. Abso-effing-lutely. The atmosphere is so light... And, let's be splendid about this, everyone's floating around in a light cloud of georgeousness. Or not. The weather is less than pleasant. But I'm letting that get me down. Nope. Nada. Nyet. Nein. I feel fantastic. I got everything I'd asked for: Scrumptious Christmas dinner, the best of company (shout out to my faaaaamily) and, naturally, colourfully wrapped presents. Wee~ I could roll around the floor purring right now.

So. Yesterday we went to church (which is always cramped on the 24th. Wow.) and got into the Christmas spirit. Then we returned home and got settled while Mom cooked up the best 'Kohlrouladen' (cabbage dumplings?) in the world... Hmm. Dinner, accompanied by light and familiar laughter, was excellent. Aaaand then we unwrapped presents. I don't know how you guys do it: We unpack them on Christmas Eve. You know, being German and all. Among the gifts was the new Star Trek movie, so Dad and I felt obligated to watch it then and there. And we did. And it was awesome. *happy sigh*

Skipping ahead to the 25th now. I don't know, I've always felt that everything is very light and airy on this day. It's... Difficult to describe. Almost like everything is in a thin, comforting fog. Hn. I'unno. Probably just me. Anyway, Mom outdid herself yet again and cooked up a duck, a bowl full of Kloesse and Rotkohl. I'm not translating now. The rest of the day passed in a flurry, but in the same relaxed manner which I have (failed) to describe before. When I checked my eMails, I got another Christmas present:

PAToons bought me a Premium Membership. :heart: :heart: :heart: I'm so thrilled! It's such a sweet thing to do. Shane, thanks so much!

AND THEN DUN DUN DUN. Well, Sherlock Holmes came out today. I don't know if I've ever mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, I do. A lot. I've been waiting for this movie to come out ever since I saw a preview back in Germany around 6 months ago. So my friend and I planned this for ages. We got some of the last tickets for the show, and HOLY COW, the theatre was absolutely full. People were asking us how we still managed to get tickets. Hm. We have Mom to thank for that. She's the best~ Anywho:

:star: THE MOVIE WAS SO AWE-STRIKINGLY FANTABULOUS. Way too short, though. Two hours weren't nearly enough. But seriously, I recommend the movie to anyone and everyone. Fantastic storyline, amazing fight-scenes, witty... Hm hm hm. The women in the movie were, however, mostly useless.
(I also kept my trophy: The Coca Cola cup we received has both Holmes and Watson printed on it. *my precious*) :star:

That's that for my Christmas story.

I'm curious. Does anyone here watch a series that they're really fond of? Yes no maybe kind of? Just curious. Curiosity's never killed anyo-- Oh wait, nevermind.

Alright, I've rambled quite a bit now, haven't I. I hope you guys have as a great a Christmas as I am having, and a Happy New Year!! All the best!

-Ploppers, ecstatic and overjoyed
  • Listening to: "I See You" - Mika
  • Reading: Homo Faber. *pukes*
  • Eating: Toffifee <3


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Woah, is this true?
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Happy Birthday. :party:
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